This morning I have realized why I don’t feel well in my current house and in some other places. There are differences of attitudes that could be expressed as (1) OK, if you want to do something, fine with me. or (2) I don’t trust you are telling me the truth.

I have observed that many people are primarily in the second mode nad I think it is because they know they are willing to trick and cheat on other people (so they are aware that other people could do the same to them). The thing about mistrust seems to be deeply engrained in our societies (and it is infecting me too, as I’m discovering). Because, so they say, if you trust too much, people will take advantage of you – so will say the naive observer, not knowing the difference between causality and corellation – but the price for this cleverness is high. I have to pay (personally) with bad mood, negative feelings. Mistrust is a cleaver plague